About Us

We repair devices with passion

QuickFix has been created to tackle the current issues in the technical repair industry in Malta. We strongly believe that the ever growing number of smart devices should be matched with a dedicated team of socially controlled, peer reviewed technicians. These should be armed with the best knowledge and the right tools required to provide a seamless, focused, and exceptional service to our customers.

We don't have company values, we have customer values

We try our best at all times to create a confluence between what our customers need and what we are trying to achieve.

We put our money where our mouth is (We are committed to you)

Our seamless returns policy, combined with our excellent customer care service, come to us at a cost, but these help  in assuring the delivery of the best possible service for YOU, our customers 🙂

Quality Assurance Is Key

Every process, equipment, and person is repeatedly audited on a regular basis, ensuring consistent quality.

We Want To Build A Community

Our goal is to keep our team members as independent technicians that we simply enable through tools and education, and let them run the show as they see best. Our core focus will always be on building stronger communities.

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Our Story

We Got Started Because We Want to Make the World A Better Place

We’re developing QuickFix to tackle the current issues in the technical repair industry in Malta. We believe the ever-growing demand for device repair services should be met by a dedicated team of qualified technicians who are armed with the knowledge and tools required to provide a seamless, focused, and educated service to the poor souls with broken devices.

We consider a great service to be one where customers do not need to leave the comfort of their own home, are listened to and cared for, and one that is quality assured and guaranteed.


Meet The Team


Co-Founder | Technical & Operational Lead

Stefan is the techie in the company, always looking at each problem through its multiple small components. Though able to see the finer details, his long term vision is to build a large community of quality assured personnel that are able to solve even the most complex issues for customers.

Amongst other things, Stefan likes sports, frequents yoga, and cannot get enough herbal teas in him in a day. He follows different tech companies pages, and enjoys reading business insight news articles.


chris Attard

Co-Founder | Sales & Marketing Lead

Chris is the marketing savvy genius at QuickFix, whilst his counterpart focuses on the quality and technology, Chris focuses on how best to let customers know we care about them, and furthermore let us know what you guys expect! 

After 8 years of experience in the repair and manufacturing industry, Chris joined the sales and marketing industry 2 years ago, where he has found his passion. Chris is a humble, and caring person who’s always striving to be better! He sees every opportunity as a learning experience. He firmly believes that for a successful and fulfilling life, a person should never stop dreaming, believing, trying and learning!

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