January 28, 2021

Things you can do whilst waiting for your phone repair

Benefit from our FREE pick-up and delivery service which is available all year round. Save yourself time, traffic and fuel costs, whilst staying at the comfort of your home and catching up on things that have been on your waiting list far too long! If you’re feeling lost without your phone, here are some ideas of some things you can do 😀

Go out for a walk with a loved one

Whether it’s yourdog, your child, a family member or a friend, it’s always good to catch up with someone dear to heart, and what a better way to do so whilst walking in the country side or along a seafront! You may want to stop for a coffee break or a quick lunch.

Read a book

Grab the opportunity to take a moment to read a book you’ve been wanting to, without any phone distractions! Make yourself comfortable and dive into the different world the book has to offer.

Cook or bake something different

Ever wanted to try something different but it seemed complicated or too time consuming? Use this time to explore and test your culinary skills. Take your time with it and make it perfect 😀 How about putting some jazz music in the background? Trust us, you’ll enjoy the cooking and the meal afterwards for sure!

Take a power nap

Had a busy morning? Why not take a short nap in the afternoon before your phone arrives? Did you know that 10-20 minute nap provide recovery benefits without leaving you sleepy afterwards?

Take care of yourself

Enjoy a warm bath, with some soft relaxing music, and why not, maybe some wine? You might also want to try a home facial afterwards! Your skin will surely thank you for that!

Relive those beautiful memories

Did you know that looking at old photos makes you happier? Don’t just let the dust settle on your photo albums! Go through them, maybe with a loved and relive those beautiful memories!

Make yourself a nice cup of tea/coffee

How about mastering your brewing skills to make the perfect cup of tea or coffee? Sit down and relax on your couch or watch that movie you’ve been wanting too. When your phone is back, you’ll be holding your phone on one hand and an amazing coffee/tea on the other!

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