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As we are still building up our website, please use our simple and intuitive damage report tool to get your device booked into our system, and collected right from your door.

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Benefits of Using QUICKFIX

Quick Repairs

All orders placed before 13:00 are collected and inspected on the same day. Orders placed after 13:00 will be inspected during the following day.

Most repairs take approx. 3 hours. As soon as the quotation is accepted, the repair job is initiated. The device is then delivered right to your door when it’s ready. 

We Come To You

Sit back, relax and wait for us to pick up and deliver back your repaired device. 

 Upon pick up we charge a €15 deposit. This covers the inspection fee for one of our members to investigate the type of repair your device requires. This is discounted from the final price, should you proceed with the repair.

90 Day Guarantee

We provide a 90 day guarantee on all repairs. Should there be any issues with the components and/or services we provided, let one of our customer care agents know and we’ll investigate and perform a second repair free of charge.

Great Customer Service

We never let our customers onboard without complete oversight of what the situation of their device is. We have an exceptional customer care team, that truly cares about your values.

Get in touch easily with a member of our team via our chat below.

Our Process

An efficient and seamless repair

We consider a great service to be one where customers do not need to leave the comfort of their own home, are listened to, cared for, and assured and guaranteed by the quality of the service. It is our belief that with these 3 core benefits we can provide the value our customers deserve.

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Water Damage

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Screen Replacement

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Whatever your issue may be, or whatever service you may require, rest assured the quickfix team have a member on standby to assist you within the next couple of hours. If you really need to contact us with an emergency, you may use the contact details below 🙂