BWOO 15w Magnetic Car Mount Wireless Charger


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15W Magnetic Car Bracket Wireless Charging Compatible with Apple 12/13/14 All Series Models
Strong magnetic attraction, universal ball 360° rotation
Smart chip, multiple security protection
Intelligent temperature control, LED ambient light

2 in stock

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This BO-ZJ122 exclusive iphone12/13/14 full series of magnetic suction modules is made of annular magnetic coils with a size of 1:1. No alignment is required. It can be automatically positioned and adsorbed when you close your eyes. The circular distribution forms a closed magnetic field, and the suction is as high as 11.25N, no fear of bumpy driving, firmly fix your iphone12/13/14 series models. It is equipped with magnetic wireless charging technology, automatic induction and precise alignment and adsorption of iphoen12/13/14, fast and stable charging, built-in magnetic isolation sheet to prevent metal conductors from interfering with the magnetic field, effectively gather magnetic field, and improve charging efficiency. The 360° universal ball adjusts the viewing angle in all directions to meet different usage needs. The horizontal and vertical screens can be switched freely to match different car owners’ sitting postures and driving habits. The navigation viewing angle is not blocked, which helps driving safety.


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