Techly Foldable Aluminum Stand for Notebook, Tablet and Smartphone from 10″ to 16″

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Upgrade your workspace with the ICA-TBL 134TY laptop stand for improved comfort, device compatibility, and portability.

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  • Ergonomically adjustable laptop stand in 6 angle levels from 0 to 45° (height from 5.5 to 15.5 cm). Multi-angle adjustment can set the screen to the most comfortable level and helps correct posture, reducing any back pain, stiff neck or wrist pain. Ergonomic design to best meet your daily learning and work needs
  • Wide compatibility: fits devices such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks from 10″ to 16″ and doubles as a convenient lectern for books and newspapers
  • Heat dissipation and ventilation: Aluminum alloy material can easily dissipate heat. In addition, the front corner and open design of the stand allow for more ventilation than other pedestals, allowing you to completely cool your computer constantly while in use.
  • Optimal Protective Function: The holder is made of high quality 4mm aluminum alloy, which is strong but light at the same time. Six non-slip silicone pads on the front of the stand protect the laptop from slipping and ensure safe and stable positioning
  • Portable Design: Compact, lightweight and foldable. ICA-TBL 134TY is simple to install, it can be folded and stored easily in your bag, ready to be taken with you anywhere; Comes with comfortable and elegant carrying bag


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