Techly 200T Foaming Multipurpose Cleaner 400ml

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This active foam cleaner deeply cleans and shines surfaces, removing stains, grease, scale, dirt, and oil without rinsing. With a net content of 400ml, it’s ideal for various uses:

  • Office: Cleans keyboards, tables, screens, aluminium, and steel surfaces.
  • Home: Perfect for windows, mirrors, tiles, furniture, aluminium, plastic parts, wood, and ceramic.
  • Car: Shines glass, windshields, windows, mirrors, dashboards, seats, plastic parts, wood, and aluminium.

5 in stock

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  • Cleaner with active foam, it cleans deeply giving shine to surfaces
  • Removes stains, grease, scale, dirt, oil
  • No rinsing
  • Net content 400ml

Ideal uses:
In the office: to clean computer keyboards, tables, screens, aluminum and steel surfaces.
In the house: to clean windows, mirrors, tiles, furniture, aluminum, plastic parts, wood, ceramic, chrome-plated metal.
By car: to clean and give luster glass, windscreen, windows, mirrors, dashboard, seats, plastic parts, wood or aluminum.


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