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When using a laptop for extended periods, the uncoordinated angle between the keyboard and hands can lead to poor posture, causing neck and arm strain. The BWOO BO-LS23 notebook stand, made from lightweight, durable aluminum alloy, features an ergonomic design with adjustable angles to promote comfort and proper posture.

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Aluminium Alloy Adjustable Folding Laptop Stand 1.Laptop And Tablet Stand 2.Aluminum Alloy, 7-Level Angle Adjustment 3.Foldable Design, Easy To Store Laptop And Tablet Stand When using a notebook computer for a long time, due to the uncoordinated angle between the keyboard and the hands, it is easy to cause incorrect sitting posture, resulting in cervical muscle strain or arm soreness. BWOO has designed the BO-LS23 notebook stand with ergonomic design. It is made of aluminium alloy material, which is light in weight, sturdy and durable, and can be adjusted in multiple angles to avoid discomfort caused by poor sitting posture. Aluminium Alloy, 7-Level Angle Adjustment BO-LS23 laptop stand is made of punching and cutting process. The alloy material makes the structure more stable and can withstand 10 kg of weight. The surface is treated by sandblasting, which makes the hard material more resistant to wear and tear. The anti-oxidation coating keeps it clean all the time, and the silicone on the surface and bottom of the bracket can effectively prevent the friction and anti-slip effect between the device and the bracket. It provides 7-level angle adjustment: ∠40°, ∠38°, ∠35°, ∠32°, ∠28°, ∠26°, ∠18°. By adjusting the position of the lever, you can find the angle that suits you. This humanized design allows users to obtain a correct and comfortable sitting posture. Foldable Design For Easy Storage BO-LS23 notebook stand is small in size, easy to carry after folded, open and close freely, only 256 grams, it is suitable for: thin, business, gaming and other notebook computers of different types and sizes, and also suitable for tablet computers.

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