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The BW74 TWS earphones feature a 13mm dynamic unit, AAC decoding, BT 5.1 with dual microphone noise reduction, and touch control for a comfortable, high-fidelity listening experience with up to 24 hours of battery life. They offer a semi-open design, lightweight build, and can be used independently for single-ear use.

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TWS earphones, semi-open design

13mm large dynamic unit, AAC efficient decoding

BT 5.1 chip, dual microphone noise reduction

Touch control, can be used with a single earphone

Comfortable to wear, strong battery life

Semi-Open Design

BWOO has more than ten years of experience in the research and development of earphones.

The latest BW74 wireless earphones with a semi-open charging compartment, the metal ring is made of aluminum alloy, the round shape and the rotary opening method are more in line with the aesthetic needs of young people.

It highly restore the original sound quality of the sound, with a certain noise reduction function and a comfortable wearing experience.

AAC Efficient Decoding

The BW74 music earphone built-in 13mm sound unit, which is composed of high-precision components such as LCP composite diaphragm, coil and neodymium-iron magnets, and greatly improves the resolution of each audio, supports AAC advanced audio coding technology, and restores more music details.

The clear and balanced sense of hearing allows you to feel the Hi-Fi listening experience at any moment.

BT 5.1 chip

Dual Microphone Noise Reduction

The new version of BT5.1 technology provides a stable radio frequency signal, supports high-quality music transmission, lower power consumption, longer standby time, stronger anti-interference performance, and the signal transmission distance can reach 10 meters, bringing you smooth entertainment experience.

The high-sensitivity dual microphones acquire clear sound data, and through the ENC noise reduction computing technology, separate the ambient noise from the voice of the call, enhance the details of the human voice, and the voice of the two parties is still clear no matter on a busy street or in a public place where people gather.

Touch Control

It will cause discomfort to the ears when the physical buttons are operated. The BW74 earphones have a built-in touch IC, which makes the touch response more sensitive and faster. A variety of operations can be realized with just a light touch of the finger, and it can also wake up the mobile phone voice assistant. Easily complete various instructions, allowing you to experience the fun of truly wireless use.

The BW74 handsfree earphones are connected to the mobile phone using independent connection technology, a single earphone can also be connected to the device independently, and can be used alternately between the left and right earphones, and the audio signal during the period is stable and uninterrupted.

Comfortable To Wear

The shape design of the BW74 earphones has undergone thousands of repeated adjustments and improvements, so that every wearer can feel comfortable. While firmly fitting the ears, the sound can be delivered to the ear canal at the best angle. The weight of a single earphone only 3.2 grams.

The earphones and charging box use polymer lithium batteries. The battery life of a single earphone is about 4 hours, and the total battery life with the charging box can reach 24 hours. The Type-C interface power supply, and the charging efficiency is higher.

Earphones battery: 3.7V/30mAh
Charging box battery: 3.7V/280mAh

Music time: 4h
Call time: 3h
Standby: 30h
Headphone charging time: 1.5h
Headphone case charging time: 1.5h

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